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Early Manchester United team news – Giggs going for experience

by Sam Peoples

Ryan Giggs looks set to go for an experienced defence today against Sunderland according to The Mirror’s David McDonnell, who has been leaking the correct team news early all season to the point where David Moyes banned him from press conferences.

The news indicates that Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra all starting once again today like they did against Norwich City last week.

While there has been a justified clamouring for Giggs to play our younger defenders as a way to blood them into the team for next season, there’s a sentimental value to playing the experienced trio.

These two remaining home games against Sunderland and Hull could be their last appearances at Old Trafford. We already know that Tuesday will be the last time Vidic plays at home as a United player and Ferdinand and Evra could follow suit too.

It would be a strange end for all three if Tuesday night was indeed the last time they played at Old Trafford as a United player as it is a nothing game in the Premier League.

After all the trophies we’ve won in the time they’ve been here, it seems a bit of a shame they could all bow out like that.

Image: Twitter/YOURMUFC

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