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Louis van Gaal will make Manchester United play Total Football says Holland’s De Guzman

by Sam Peoples

Swansea’s Jonathan De Guzman has spoke highly of Louis van Gaal‘s philosophy and believes he can bring his “Total Football” style of football to Manchester United.

Under David Moyes, Manchester United played with an almost shackled attitude that embodied Moyes’ pragmatic approach but Van Gaal’s expansive way of playing couldn’t be any more different from the Scot.

De Guzman, who has worked under Van Gaal for the Dutch national team, sung his praises as a visionary coach who has everything he needs to succeed in the Premier League.

“Playing under him you see he has a lot of vision. He has been in the game for so long,” De Guzman said.

“He has everything under control. If he does go to United I think he will do a great job.

“I believe he wants to coach in the Premier League, that was one of his dreams and Man United suits him very well.

“He is professional in everything he does and gets along with the players very well.

“If he goes to United then he will do a good job. With his record he commands respect.

“He is well respected from Barcelona to Ajax, for that Total Football. He brings that to the national team as well.”

Total Football was a phrase coined by Ajax back in the 1970s when Johan Cruyff used to rule the roost and Van Gaal has long been an exponent of expansive, attacking football in a 4-3-3 formation, something which would certainly light Old Trafford up again.

Of course, until any official announcement is made, Van Gaal’s isn’t certain to join, so hopefully the announcement is made sooner rather than later – then we can get excited at the thought of Total Football at Manchester United.

Image: Twitter/squawka

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