Manchester United 0-1 Sunderland: Giggs pulled a Moyes

by Sam Peoples

Crossing. Last week against Norwich City, Manchester United were very slow in the first half and against Sunderland today, it was a very similar scenario.

For the first 20 or so minutes, Manchester United weren’t penetrating much but were very comfortable in possession and carried an air of when, not if, we would score.

However, when it came to the final ball, United were poor as we resorted to crossing, and doing it badly. We posed no threat through the middle.

Ashley Young should not be a Manchester United player next season. End of discussion.

First test for Giggs. Manchester United were terrible in the first half, there’s no way to pretty it up as something else. One dimensional football with no end product summed it up.

What going into half time 1-0 down gave Giggs was his first test as United manager. It’s all good and well singing when you’re winning but the real managers show their stripes when the chips are down. How did he do?

Bringing Adnan Januzaj for Nani early on in the second half made Manchester United play far more direct and he followed it up with a double change to bring Van Persie/Welbeck on for Mata/Young.

However, nothing changed. Only one team looked like scoring – Sunderland.

They hit the bar twice and the closest we got to scoring was a scramble in the six yard box.

The Class of ’92 bubble has been severely deflated.

Van Gaal > Giggs. After the win last week, euphoria reached giddy levels and it was no surprise. The football on display against Norwich was scintillating in the second half.

However, the performance today exposed Giggs. It was not Manchester United’s strongest available XI, any Tom, Dick or Harry could see that. It almost looked as if Giggs wanted to give all his teammates a run out before the season finished, more sentiment than regiment.

The chips were down but there was no response. Giggs signalled for more width from the sidelines but there was no penetration, Sunderland were comfortable.

Giggs might be right for the job in a few years time but what this team of lackadaisical performers needs is a force of nature manager to make them perform. Having a pal at the helm wouldn’t do that.

Poor individual performances. It looked like a lot of the players wore the wrong boots today.

Michael Carrick was abysmal. Last season, he would look up and regularly pick out a team mate with a luscious diagonal ball. Every time he tried it today, he overhit it by some margin.

Also, Javier Hernandez was invisible for the first half and when chances fell to him, he fired them either high or wide. Where’s that Mexican predator gone?

As for Nani and Young, the less is said about their performances the better.

We might have got rid of David Moyes before the rot set in but there are a lot of players in this squad who are simply not good enough for the shirt they wear.

Two games to go. This season has been all seven shades of crap and more. Countless broken records, including today’s loss against Sunderland at Old Trafford being the first one since 1968, sum it all up.

Wrong manager and an array of wrong attitudes among the squad. This season will be a stain on United’s history and the quicker it is over the better.

Image: Twitter/RedMancunian


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