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Manchester United are going to bid €45 million for Cesc Fabregas – report

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s move for Cesc Fabregas last summer embodied our poor transfer window – undervalued bids for some top quality players that ultimately left us empty handed.

Earlier this month, reports suggested Barcelona were ready to consider a big offer from United for Fabregas and now there are claims that we are ready to offer €45 million for Fabregas this summer.

One thing is obvious – United would most certainly be willing to spend €45 million on Fabregas. After the debacle of last summer and the humiliation of this season, there’s no two ways about it – United have got to invest in the squad or risk falling further behind. The failures of last summer’s transfer window cannot afford to be repeated.

In that sense, how likely is any move for Fabregas?

Suggestions indicate that United will have more chance of landing him this time around.

Barcelona fans have openly booed Fabregas at some matches and when asked to vote whether Fabregas could be sold this year, the support was clear – Fabregas was dispensable as far as fans were concerned.

The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor said United’s interest in Fabregas stems from the fact he told Van Persie he wanted to join United and going into the summer, the seeds have already been sown for another Fabregas and United saga to happen, whether or not it has a different conclusion remains to be seen.

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