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Manchester United 3-1 Hull: Goodbye Vidic, hello future stars

by Sam Peoples

Goodbye Nemanja. That’s the last time we’ll see Vidic play in a United shirt at Old Trafford and it closes the book on a fantastic Manchester United career.

After the full time whistle, Vidic spoke to the crowd and was stopped mid sentence by Old Trafford singing as one:

“Nemanja, woahhh, Nemanja woahhh, he comes from Serbia, he’ll f*cking murder ya.”

Goosebumps galore. It summed up United – we’re a family. All in it together. Goodbye Vidic.

Debut delight. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing an academy graduate make his debut at Old Trafford apart from said debutant scoring.

To those who follow the academy and Under-21s, Wilson is no stranger but he announced himself on the biggest of stages today. It means he has scored at Under-18/19/21 and senior level this season – a magnificent achievement.

As for Tom Lawrence, he was equally as impressive without scoring. He wanted the ball and wanted to run with it when he had it, exuding a natural confidence that not every debutant has.

In a season of few graces, watching two of our academy graduates thrive when given the chance is a highlight.


1-0 James Wilson

2-0 James Wilson

3-1 Robin van Persie

Phil Jones needs to wake up and smell the bacon. Another game, another effectively self-inflicted injury.

Jones went into a 50/50 challenge like a steam train and ended up flat on his back clutching his shoulder. He has since been taken to hospital for an X-ray.

There’s every chance that Jones could have a great career at United but Jones is going to put it at risk with these sorts of injuries.

Is Fellaini really a footballer? He might have one of the best chest controls in the business but for £27 million, it would be quite good if he could play football too.

Fellaini was more leggy than a spider tonight and never once looked in control of anything. Playing in a more advanced position he got his first assist with a knock down for Wilson but that aside, he was a bit hopeless.

Sorry Fellaini, I hate to pick on you but you bring it on yourself.

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