Carrick: Anything less than the title next season isn’t worth thinking about

by Sam Peoples

Michael Carrick has been bullish in his assessment of what Manchester United need to do next season – title or nothing.

It’s a shame Carrick couldn’t have showed that attitude on the pitch this year really because he’s been a shadow of the PFA Team of the Year player who was so imperious for United in 2012/13.

Despite the shortfalls of this year meaning we need to build ourselves back up, Carrick doesn’t feel chasing a spot in the top four is good enough.

“Listen, this club moves forward all the time and we are always trying to bring players through, groom players and develop them,” Carrick told

“You could say this is the start of something else because there are going to be changes between now and next season.

“How much change, we will have to wait and see, but it is about getting strong, improving and coming back next year to fight on all fronts again. That is certainly what the aim is and we shouldn’t be aiming for anything less.

“There is no way we are settling for top four – that is not something we do here. We can’t celebrate getting into the top four, that’s not worth celebrating. We want to be challenging right at the top.

“I am not standing here and saying we are going to win the league next season, but that is what our goal is and anything less than that is not worth thinking about. Certainly, top four is not something that we will settle for.”

Carrick’s right in that chasing the title should be the only prerogative United ever have but after the showing this season, the first focus for United fans is simply to become competitive again.

Is this squad good enough to make that happen? No, but Carrick feels there shouldn’t be wholesale changes to the side.

“It is easy to say there will be wholesale changes because we obviously haven’t had a good season,” he added.

“If you look within the squad, there are some good players there.

“There probably needs to be some changes in some way because that is natural with the situation we are in at the moment, but you can’t change too much because it is hard. Bringing players in is tough enough and we will just have to wait and see how it pans out.”

Image: Twitter/footypremier

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