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Southampton 1-1 Manchester United: Nightmare over

by Sam Peoples

Attack, attack, what was that? 

A team with Januzaj, Mata, Van Persie, Welbeck and Kagawa in should be creating chances for fun.

Instead, Southampton had over 70% of possession in the first half and we never threatened Boruc’s goal in what was a tepid display.

Mata’s free-kick gave us more impetus going forward but still, it’s no excuse for that display.

Mata is glorious.

There’s not much else to say really. Six goals in six games now for the Spaniard.

He’s going to be so, so good next season.

United have to go all out to sign Shaw

What a performance from the 18-year-old. He nullified Adnan Januzaj‘s threat down the right hand side and was a constant thorn in United’s side going forward.

United, sign him up.

No Europa League is great news

Anyone who argued the contrary doesn’t understand the implications of a Thursday to Sunday playing schedule.

The Europa League would have been a decent competition to blood some youngsters but without the distraction of a poor European competition, we can focus solely on winning the league.

This year, Liverpool showed the benefit of having less midweek games and although it will be tough to keep all of the players happy, it’s a far better scenario for United to not be in the Europa League.

The nightmare is over

Finally, this season has finished. It’s a campaign that will be a really bad stain on United’s history for sure but we can now look forward.

Without European football, there’s only going to be one focus next year. Winning back our title.

Our away fans are class

All season long, the fans have been fantastic both home and away.

A conga in the away end? Why not.


Image: Twitter/RedMancunian

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