Xavi gives Manchester United fans a reason to be excited

by Sam Peoples

Xavi believes Manchester United fans should be excited about Louis van Gaal because of his footballing philosophy.

Van Gaal played an instrumental role in the development of Xavi and the 34-year-old hailed his influence as a coach in an interview.

“Big players want to play for him – so I think that Manchester United fans can expect some exciting signings this summer,” he said.

“He won’t accept any personalities that will cause unrest in the dressing room. He will be your biggest supporter and your biggest fan – but if you think about causing trouble in his football club then you will be gone.”

One thing to note about what Xavi is saying is that it is strange how no major publication has picked up on this exclusive interview, which could indicate these quotes are fabricated, but other Barcelona players have also gone on the record to sing Van Gaal’s praises.

Barcelona’s ex-goalkeeper Victor Valdes thanked Van Gaal for giving him the opportunity to flourish as a youngster and hailed how important he was in creating the historic Barcelona side that dominated club football.

He said: “Thank you to Louis van Gaal, for showing the courage necessary to gamble on a talent that only he could see.

“He began building this historic Barça side, which I have been privileged to be part of. My heartfelt thanks.”

Also, Van Gaal himself has spoken out about his past players including Xavi and gave some fantastic insight into his inner workings as a manager in a revealing interview.

“I think it’s my philosophy because it binds players with my training and in my career I have had a lot of players who are fascinated by that philosophy,” he said last year.

“They find it nice to take part in it because it’s attacking, technical and tactical. They can show their qualities more than ever.

“The characteristics come back to my point on vision. You have to play as a team and not as individuals. That’s why I’m always going back to the vision, then the team, and then which players fit in my system, a 1-4-3-3, because I’m always playing that. If a young player can do it, then I select him. If it’s an older player, it doesn’t bother me; it’s not the most important factor. Age is not important.

“It makes me happy and proud but Xavi, Iniesta, Motta, Müller or Alaba fitted in the profile of the position.

“For example, I talked with Alaba about the left full-back position. He didn’t want to play there. He was educated as a midfielder but I had a vacant position for him because I had injuries and thought he could do the job. After a lot of talking, in the end, he played there because he wanted to help the team. Where is he playing now? Left full-back.”

It’s no surprise to see past players praise Van Gaal and his track record deserves the plaudits, so there is plenty of reason to be excited about the thought of Van Gaal as manager at Manchester United.

Image: Twitter/barcastuff

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