First signing officially confirmed by United but there seems to be complications

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United may have jumped the gun when they announced the signing of Vanja Milinkovic this weekend.

The club officially announced that an agreement had been reached to sign the 17-year-old goalkeeper but reports from Serbia suggest no agreement has been finalised at this stage.

His agent Zoran Stojadinovic has welcomed the United interest but said nothing has been signed because of there being more lucrative financial offers from other teams around Europe.

“Certainly feels good to have interest from Manchester United, but nothing has been signed by us, because there are better financial offer from Europe,” Stojadinovic said.

This is all very strange as it looks like the club may have announced an agreement was in place before everything had been finalised.

If that is what has happened, then the club hasn’t learned from the debacle back in 2008 with Aaron Ramsey where we announced a fee had been agreed, only for him to then move to Arsenal instead.

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