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Toni Kroos clarifies situation regarding his future at Bayern Munich

by Sam Peoples

Toni Kroos has spoken regarding his future amid heavy speculation about it and said that he expected Bayern Munich to go public with what they said in response about not bowing to Kroos’ demands.

The past 24 hours has seen Kroos’ future thrust into the limelight. Last night, both the Daily Mail and Manchester Evening News reported that United had agreed a £20m deal for the German midfielder and those reports seemed substantiated when Bayern’s president Karl Hopfner today confirmed the club would not be offering an improved contract.

However, so soon after positive signs that Kroos was available emerged, The Guardian suggested Van Gaal had ended his interest in him and ESPN followed suit.

Now, Kroos himself has commented on his future and told Bild he has to accept the club’s decision to not give him what he wants and confirms he turned down their offer.

He said: “I expected the quotes from Bayern. That I have to accept & respect. After I turned their offer down, I knew how they would respond.”

What is going on with Kroos?

There are parties suggesting everything about his future – he’s staying, he’s leaving, he’s leaving next year – but nobody seems to know what is fully going on.

It’s normal for United to be involved in a smoke and mirrors situation when it comes to the transfer window but this one with Kroos seems altogether more mysterious, especially if Van Gaal genuinely doesn’t want Kroos given how much he could add to United.


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