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Toni Kroos set to leave Bayern Munich after no improved contract offer

by Sam Peoples

Reports emerged last night from the Daily Mail and the Manchester Evening News that Manchester United had agreed a £20m deal for Bayern Munich’s Toni Kroos.

There was some scepticism about the validity of the stories given that £20m would be an unbelievably cheap price for the classy midfielder but Bayern’s president Karl Hopfner has now admitted Kroos will not be given an improved contract offer, so Kroos is likely to leave.

“It was the same with Michael Ballack [before his free transfer to Chelsea in 2006], we withdrew our offer at one point,” Hofner said.

“Kroos is under contract until 2015. There will certainly be more talks. But eventually the player has to say what he wants. We will not overstep certain financial limits.

When asked whether this meant Kroos will not be given an improved offer, Hopfner confirmed that was the case but insisted it wasn’t decided if Kroos was to be sold: “That’s the state of play, no question.

“I don’t know. Everything changes so fast sometimes.”

Parity among Bayern’s top earners was what Kroos wanted because he felt undervalued by the Bundesliga champions and now they are not going to give that to him, Kroos will surely be happy to accept offers from elsewhere.

Of course, reports already suggest a deal is in place for Kroos which would be fantastic but even if they weren’t, United are now in as strong a position as they could possibly wish for with Kroos.

We have just announced Louis van Gaal as our manager and he has worked with Kroos previously and following the departures of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand, we have plenty of money left on the wage bill as well as the cash pot we already had for this summer.

Ed Woodward needs to pull his thumb out, hop on the plane to Germany and get a deal for Kroos sorted quickly.

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