The truth about Louis van Gaal not wanting to sign Toni Kroos – what’s the story?

by Sam Peoples

Toni Kroos and Manchester United. Manchester United and Toni Kroos. By all accounts, from a fans’ perspective it looked like a match made in heaven, a fantastical heaven that bore little chance of coming into existence.

A ball playing, tempo controlling, panache mifielder with a great range of passing, a knack for dictating the game and an eye for goal. Kroos ticked all the boxes and more.

Of course, it was all dependent on him leaving Bayern Munich, a side who have won five trophies in two years and are comfortably one of the best teams in Europe. It was never going to happen, right?

Fast forward four months from when David Moyes first met his representatives and in the past day we’ve seen reports of a £20m being agreed and Bayern Munich confirming they won’t give him an improved contract. The ball was now firmly in United’s court, that is until Van Gaal swatted it away if other reports are to believed.

It has been suggested by The Times’ James Ducker and plenty of other journalists that Van Gaal doesn’t want Kroos which has left United fans scratching their heads, myself included.

Looking at it objectively, Kroos may simply have made it clear behind the scenes that he has no interest in not playing Champions League football next year, which would take anything out of Van Gaal’s hands.

Other than that, Van Gaal knows Kroos better than any United fan and maybe he knows something none of us do.

Of course, you’d like to think if he was willing to pass up on the opportunity to sign Kroos that he had something up his sleeve and for a manager of his calibre, you imagine he wouldn’t make a decision to pass up on Kroos without being confident he wouldn’t regret it.

At this stage, everything is still conjecture. There’s been no confirmation from Van Gaal but he is a man of principle and has made it clear he wants to be fully focused on the job at hand with Holland, so it’s unlikely he will comment on the situation before the World Cup starts, meaning this Kroos situation could bubble on for a while longer yet.

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