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Toni Kroos: Manchester United was never an option for me

by Sam Peoples

Bayern Munich’s Toni Kroos has insisted he never considered a move to Manchester United despite our longstanding interest and confirmed he would stay in Germany.

The 24-year-old had been flirting with an exit from Bayern Munich all season long and after president Karl Hopfner said they would not be giving him a new contract offer, it seemed an exit was on the cards which was good news for United.

David Moyes met with Kroos’ representative in January which is where the rumours caught wildfire and we have always been linked with him.

However, United was apparently never an option to Kroos.

“There are many speculations but Manchester United has never been an option. I expect to play at Bayern next season,” he told Bild.

If United was never a point of interest for Kroos, he would have quashed the rumours straight away when they began and his announcement sounds slightly agenda driven, something you’d expect now that it sounds like he is staying at Bayern Munich.

Ultimately, has Kroos become the latest player to use United’s interest as a strategy to earn themselves an improved contract at their current club?

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