RVP: I’ll walk on fire for Van Gaal if I have to

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United might be excited at the prospect of Louis van Gaal as manager but Robin van Persie might just be more excited than all of us. The little boy inside him is back.

Van Persie’s frustration last year was obvious to all and his body language suggested he was a man who was unhappy despite his assurances to the contrary.

Now, under the guidance of Van Gaal, there is every chance he could become the devastating striker he was back in his debut season at the club and it’s obvious he’ll give 150% to Van Gaal, something he certainly didn’t do for Moyes, even if fire stands in the way of him.

“In recent history, Holland have always been among the contenders for the World Cup,” Van Persie said in an extract from an interview with The Blizzard on The Guardian website.

“We have a great team. A good mix of experience, skill and young talent. For a lot of us it will be the last chance, the last cry of a generation. Players like me. Like Wesley Sneijder, Raphaël van der Vaart and others.

“Personally I’m in my best period. Van Gaal gave me all the confidence I can ask for. He made me the main striker, my favourite position. At last! He made me captain. I owe him something. So I will be as sharp as a knife in Brazil. I will walk on fire for him if I have to. Like the rest of the team.

“We have a lot of options. Our coach has a lot of choices over there. I think we are going to do something special: like in 2010 but hopefully this time winning the final…”

It’s almost a warcry from Van Persie, a proclamation of loyalty to the reign of Van Gaal to serve him as best he can and from United’s perspective, that mentality is what was missing last year.

Nobody knows how next season is going to pan out but one thing is for sure, Van Persie will do everything in his power to make it work.

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