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PICTURE: Manchester United’s new starting XI already looks fantastic

by Sam Peoples

If Manchester United were going to become competitive again this season, investment in the right areas of the squad was critical and following a whirlwind 48 hours, United’s new starting XI is already looking fantastic.

It was essential that United invested in central midfield and, although it was a year later than planned, the signing of Ander Herrera was the perfect start to the transfer window for United.

A ball playing central midfielder, Herrera brings a dynamic which United have struggled without for years. With him in the side, the transition from defence to attack should be fluid and full of energy.

As for Shaw, United had to bring in Patrice Evra’s long-term replacement because we can no longer rely on Evra to play 50 games a season. This was the right time for him to be eased out of the starting XI. It gives Shaw at least one season to be mentored by Evra and there is no better player for him to learn from.

NB – This formation is solely looking at personnel, not player positions or tactics.
By all accounts there are still areas of the team that need improvement. Our defence is still questionable and it would be good if Van Gaal brought in a new winger with genuine pace to give us a different option from up front but at this stage, United is shaping up very nicely for next year.

What players do you think Manchester United still need to sign?


Image: Twitter/tr16ia

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