PICTURE: Marouane Fellaini has completely cut his afro off!

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini doesn’t have many redeeming features as a footballer and the fact that his microphone shaped bouffant was more bouncy and exciting than his football last season speaks volumes.

Now, he’ll have to look elsewhere for redemption as he has decided to shave his head and go for a Jarhead inspired haircut.

Fellaini was an average footballer with a decent, if only entertaining, barnet before but now he’s an average footballer with a distinctly average trim.

What’s interesting about Fellaini shaving it off is that he promised to do it if Belgium won the World Cup. Is anyone going to break the news to him that Belgium didn’t win it?


On a serious note, surely it’s going to be strange for Fellaini to play without a cushion on top of his head? Hopefully the weight loss from the haircut means we’ll see Fellaini sprinting around like a terrier next season, if he is still at the club that is.

Image: Twitter/redmancunian

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