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Manchester United in negotiations with Vidal and Mitten confident of deal

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United are in negotiations with Juventus over Arturo Vidal and Andy Mitten is confident a deal can be agreed.

In an update earlier today on PlayUp, Mitten was vague in his discussion about Vidal but firmly believed the interest was genuine and now in another update, Mitten indicates there has been movement in the last few hours with United and Vidal.

“Negotiations are definitely taking place,” he said.

“I think that a deal will be done but it hasn’t been done. Until a deal is done, there are so many things which need to be sorted out before he can become a Manchester United player but it is looking good.”

It should be noted that Andy doesn’t usually give updates so close together, so there must have been some real movement behind the scenes to warrant a separate update.

Andy has always kept his head above the murky mess of transfer speculation and while his word shouldn’t be taken as gospel, he has deservedly earned his credibility through years of accurate reporting.

Mitten went on to add: “He is a great player. Manchester United are keeping their cards close to their chest which is a good idea.

“I’m hearing good things from good sources, so let’s just see how it works out with Vidal.”

Andy made the salient point that United are after players who want to play for the club. That shouldn’t be underestimated. Robin van Persie was like a kangaroo on coffee in the press conference where he was unveiled alongside Sir Alex Ferguson and he never lost that spring in his step.

Juan Mata was the same and Ander Herrera will follow suit, so if Vidal does indeed want to make the move to Old Trafford, it not only puts United in a stronger position to negotiate but makes the transfer much more appealing to the club as well.

Image: Twitter/realesparta

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