Vidal relaxed about United interest, Chilean TV say deal is nearly done

by Sam Peoples

Arturo Vidal has remained cool with regards to a potential move to Manchester United which, according to Chilevision, is almost done.

Vidal, 27, is currently on holiday where he is hoping to fully recuperate from his knee operation he rushed back from in order to compete in the World Cup.

Speaking informally in San Joaquin when quizzed about his future, Vidal didn’t confirm nor deny anything regarding a move to United.

“Right now I’m thinking about Juventus. I want to get to Italy and see what happens,” he said.

“I know nothing of what is going on., I’m taking advantage of my vacation and trying to completely recover my knee.

“How can I be thinking about it if I am on my vacation? It would be disrespectful to people and my fellow Juventus.”

The increasing momentum with Vidal and United has reached the point where he’s being questioned about it, so he’s clearly well aware of what is going on.

Something interesting to note about Chilevision is a quote they ran with on their online edition. “I’m on a big team now, so I’d be relaxed if the option of Manchester United fail,” they quoted Vidal as saying.

Quotes from the interview covered by Chilevision were also published by 24 Horas and ADN Radio, but neither ran with the one where he talked about what he’d do if a United deal fell through, which seems strange by all accounts given that it would be the most important one.

All in all, not much has changed but Vidal or talking about United in any way is a sign that he’s aware of it all which certainly can’t be a bad thing.

Image: Twitter/realesparta

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