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Vidal gossip: €50m bid, €10m annual wages or no deal at all

by Sam Peoples

Here is the latest Manchester United transfer gossip from around the web with the latest on Arturo Vidal.

There is only one name on the lips of every Manchester United fan at the moment – Arturo Vidal.

Within the last 24 hours, the prospect of signing Vidal has transformed itself from a pipe dream into a plausible move which has all of a sudden become palpable.

Andy Mitten’s updates yesterday – firstly to clarify United’s interest in Vidal and secondly to intimate negotiations were under way for him – exuded an air of confidence that United were going to be able to sign him.

After the conjecture and speculation, Mitten’s informed opinion gave fans real hope the move could happen and then what followed was a flurry of activity sparked by Antonio Conte’s surprise departure from Juventus by mutual consent.

Gazzetta dello Sport started proceedings by suggesting United had been back to increase their offer for Vidal and had reached an agreement with Juventus.

Other murmurings from Italy suggested a €50m bid for Vidal simply had to be accepted before further reports stated Vidal wanted €10m per year from United.

In complete contrast to Gazzetta’s claims were those from Jamie Jackson and David McDonnell:

Both journalists mirrored each other in their information released less than 20 minutes apart so one can assume they heard it from the same place, but who is right? Misinformation is more regular with transfers than information, even those in the industry sometimes fall on their own sword.

In this scenario, Mitten is reporting the opposite to Jackson and McDonnell. Somebody, or their information, is wrong.

At this stage, it’s a case of where you place your trust but with United flying out for the pre-season tour on Friday, there could be some movement either way which will give fans some

Image: Twitter/ManUtdFF

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