Italian agent ‘convinced Arturo Vidal will certainly leave Juventus’ this summer

by Sam Peoples

Italian agent Andrea D’Amico has gone on record to say he is convinced that Arturo Vidal will leave Juventus this summer.

D’Amico is not Vidal’s agent but currently represents Sebastian Giovinco and has previously had Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Del Piero and Gennaro Gattuso on his books.

He was being questioned with regards to the future of Giovinco at Juventus and was asked to give his comments on whether he expected Pogba and Vidal to stay in Turin.

”Vidal and Pogba? One of the two will leave, I’ll go a step further I’m convinced Vidal will certainly leave,” he said.

D’Amico is the secretary general of the Italian football agent association so is well respected in that sense and is clearly confident Vidal is not going to be a Juventus player next season, so much so that he said it on record.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s a given that Vidal will leave but there is a growing sense that the possibility of Vidal leaving is very much there.

Image: Twitter/realesparta

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