PICTURE: Class of 92 vs Salford City tactics: “Just give it to Scholesy”

by Sam Peoples

The Class of ’92 would have done well to follow their own tactics against Salford City the other night as they might have been able to avoid a 5-1 defeat if they did.

As far as tactics go, this plan would have been flawless if the Class of ’92 were able to pull it off, so it’s a shame they couldn’t.

Rule No.1 Give it to Scholesy.

Rule No.2. Repeat Rule No1.


On the night, Scholes was his typical self – pinging passes for fun and mistiming tackles in equal measure, but he couldn’t help the Class of ’92 win.

It certainly won’t be the last United fans see of Scholes this season as he is now working with The Independent, ITV, BT Sport, Evening Standard and Paddy Power.

The quiet, reserved Scholes is all of a sudden be speaking week-in-week-out in what is quite the transformation. It will be strange to see but hopefully he can stick to his guns and deliver sharp punditry like he did so brutally to Arsenal in his one appearance with Sky last season.

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