PICTURE: Giant Van Gaal ‘Welcome to Vanchester’ poster erected in Manchester

by Sam Peoples

There were plenty of reasons to despise David Moyes’ tenure as Manchester United manager but one that particularly irked fans was ‘The Chosen One’ banner in the Stretford End which went up before the season had even started.

Now, a ‘Welcome to Vanchester’ has been put up in Manchester, once again prior to United’s manager taking control of a competitive game.

It isn’t known who is responsible for erecting the poster but it’s surely unlikely to be United fans or the club were behind it given how vocal fans were in support of ‘The Chosen One’ banner being taken down all season.

There’s very little chance of Moyes’ disaster repeating itself so the potential for egg-on-face is a lot less with this ‘Welcome to Vanchester’ poster but it’s still strange that lessons weren’t learned from last season about raising posters or banners about a new manager too soon.

Update:BetFair are the ones responsible for the poster and have clearly decided to follow in Paddy Power’s footsteps with their marketing strategy.

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