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Manchester United set to announce record £420m revenue

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s record spending summer is set to be followed by an announcement of the club’s highest ever annual revenue in tomorrow’s financial report.

United are expected to announce revenue of approximately £420m with increased commercial revenues of around £190m.

The figures are substantial and United’s revenue is only set to increased even more next year when the latest television rights are distributed as they are expected to rise in price as well.

Having spent over £150m this summer, United’s status as a financial powerhouse in football has certainly been re-affirmed this year and the ever increasing revenues of the club will make sure it is a trend that can continue.

Ahead of the announcement, a prospectus on the report said: “We currently estimate that our net finance costs will be approximately £26.5 million to £28.5 million.”

Also, United are expected to sell a total of five million branded licensed products: “The Manchester United jersey and training wear are completely redesigned for each season. The annual launch of the new jersey is always a much-anticipated day for our global community of followers.

“The result is a robust wholesale apparel business that sold approximately five million items of Manchester United branded licensed products, including approximately two million replica jerseys, around the world in the last year.”

United’s debt will still remain at approximately £350m.

For years, United have seen rising revenues but failed to match that increase with sufficient investment. However, this summer could prove to be a turning point and if that is the case, United will be able to compete for the world’s best players in every transfer window from now on.

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