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Manchester United passing their way to Premier League success

by Sam Peoples

There were plenty of things to dislike about Manchester United underneath David Moyes.

Poor tactics, poor determination, poor attitudes and poor football. It was a travesty all round.

Although the start of the season hasn’t been the best in terms of results, you can see what Louis van Gaal is trying to achieve with his philosophy.

Possession and passing are two key aspects of Van Gaal’s formation and United have completely changed their fortunes under the Dutchman.

By the end of the 2013/14 season,  United were ranked 7th in 5th in the possession and pass completion tables. Now, under Van Gaal, United top the league with possession (61%) and pass accuracy (87.4%).

The new manager wants his team to control and retain possession effectively, with the notion that you can’t concede when you have the ball.

It’s not panned out how he would have hoped as yet in terms of results but Van Gaal’s men do lead the way in terms of both possession (61.8%) and passing accuracy. Now they’ve just got to turn that into making more goalscoring opportunities.

All data compiled by Four Four Two.

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