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Five positives for Man United fans to take from Leicester City game

by Sam Peoples

Humiliation. Devastation. The world is collapsing. End of the Gaalacticos. Louis van Gaal out. David Moyes in…

There has been plenty of hyperbole following Manchester United’s capitulation against Leicester City which comes as no surprise given that United conceded four without reply in the last 30 minutes of a game they looked completely in control of.

However, as bad as the game undoubtedly was, there were still some positives to be taken from it.

Angel di Maria is a Manchester United player. Still hasn’t sunk in properly that Real Madrid willingly let Di Maria leave.

Another game and some more magic from United’s record signing. Di Maria’s willingness, and genuine ability, to run with the ball at pace towards defenders makes him such a dangerous opponent. More often than not, he beats his man as a consequence.

Of course, the highlight of his game was a spectacular chip which will be a Goal of the Season contender but it was his overall performance that was so impressive.

Di Maria is capable of making something from nothing and it makes him such an important player from United.

Radamel Falcao is getting better. The Colombian striker was so unlucky not to score his first goal for United after striking the crossbar but his performance was an improvement on his debut.

Just as Louis van Gaal reiterates about his United side, Falcao will take time to settle in properly but he is definitely moving in the right direction.

Goals from midfield could become a regular feature. When was the last time United fans could say they had a central midfielder who scored in two consecutive games? Ander Herrera has done precisely that.

Rooney, Van Persie, Falcao are the best United’s attack has looked since the days of Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov. Herrera, Di Maria and Blind is the best midfield trio United have had in years too.

Now, if United can marry that with a watertight defence, you’ve got a squad with title winning credentials there.

Louis van Gaal has been here before. Tough starts aren’t a new phenomenon for United’s boss and that experience is going to be crucial this season.

David Moyes had never experienced the pressure of being a high profile manager and it made him more of a nervous wreck as the season went on. Van Gaal won’t be phased in a similar fashion, he can take it in his stride.

With the peaks and troughs this season is likely to give United fans, having somebody resolute and strong at the helm is as essential for United off the pitch as it is on it.

This season will be an entertaining ride. Football is a sport. Sport is an entertainment. Fans watch sport to be entertained by the clubs they love and United are no different.

Last year under David Moyes, that entertainment was replaced with a chess-like pace of play that, at times, made watching paint dry seem an exhilarating past-time.

This year under Van Gaal, the entertainment value has returned and so have the goals. One piece at a time, Van Gaal will build his United but right now, it isn’t all falling into place.

There’s no guarantee this year will be entertaining for all the right reasons but it will be entertaining nevertheless and that counts for something.

Image: Twitter/manutd

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