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Yaya Toure accuses Paul Scholes of being ‘dirty’ with comments

by Sam Peoples

Yaya Toure has accused Paul Scholes of being dirty in the way he has changed his approach to the media following his retirement from football.

Scholes commented recently on Toure’s perceived defensive weakness being a major problem for Manchester City and it has irked Yaya Toure to the point where he has reacted angrily.

“We never hear something about Paul Scholes when he was a player, but now he is starting to talk,” Yaya Toure told Manchester Evening News.

“He was very quiet. I was hearing he is a good guy, but now he’s starting to be a bit dirty.

“But it is part of the sport because now he’s doing another job. You have to do all that.”

Yaya Toure needs to stop throwing his toys out of the pram. First it is a birthday cake and now it is Scholes commenting on his performances.

Scholes has indeed completely changed how vocal he is but more often than not, his cutting comments are to the point and it’s the same with Yaya Toure because in one game he can be one of the world’s best midfielders but the next he can be invisible.

Previously, Scholes has stressed how good he thinks Yaya Toure is but as a footballer you have to be able to accept criticism because if you can’t then you’re in the wrong job. Maybe Yaya Toure should go into artisan baking, at least that way he can’t be let down again…

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