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Rafael happy with Rooney as captain: “He’s doing everything”

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney‘s appointment as Manchester United is one that has sparked a lot of debate among fans as to whether he is the choice for the armband.

But one thing Rooney seems to be getting right is being United’s captain behind the scenes, as explained by Rafael who revealed Rooney had been fully embracing his duties as captain away from prying eyes.

It was Rooney who organised United’s night out together having dinner and that sort of environment helps the players bond.

When asked about socialising with his team-mates, Rafael said: “Yes, we had dinner together in Manchester last week. It is always nice when everyone is together. It allows us to talk properly as a team.

“Yes, I think it was Wayne’s idea [dinner out]. He spoke to everyone about it. Now, he’s the captain here, he’s doing everything like that.

Rafael is clearly happy with how Rooney has performed his role as captain which is good to hear as a dressing room working together is so important for any team and given his off field criticism, he has done well not respond.

Image: Twitter/manutd

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