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Van Gaal not worried by Leicester loss: “I don’t think my players are robots”

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gal has refused to be consumed by Manchester United’s shocking defeat to Leicester City and instead focused on the positives so far this season.

Instead of lambasting United’s players, Van Gaal chose to take the diplomatic route and shook off criticism by simply stating his players were not robots and that they would make mistakes.

“I don’t think the players have [seen a different side to me this week],” Van Gaal said earlier this week.

“I don’t think my players are robots – they are human beings and human beings make errors. I am also a manager who always wants to evaluate and discuss things. That’s the way I do things. I have done it, this week is no different.

“It’s happened, it’s about overcoming things. It’s not a regular occurrence – when you see our figures in the Premier League, apart from this [Leicester] match, then we are defending well.

“The average is conceding less than one goal I think and we have scored a lot of goals. I think we are fifth or sixth [in this situation]. I see it differently to a lot of journalists.”

Van Gaal’s approach is in stark contrast to the reputation which proceeded him as a very tough manager and is one that could help United bond as a team. Behind the scenes Van Gaal may be more vocal and direct but on the surface, he is remaining calm and collected.

There is a clear need right now for United to improve as a team and unit. The defeat to Leicester wasn’t the end of the world but what United now need to do is make sure that mistake is not repeated, starting with a win over West Ham this weekend.

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