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Scholes: If you needed motivating to play for Man United then you had a problem

by Sam Peoples

When Inter Milan came to Manchester United with a blank cheque for Paul Scholes, he didn’t bat an eyelid. Making all of his decisions without an agent, Scholes told Inter they were wasting their time. Money was never what he cared about, Manchester United was.

Nowadays that isn’t always the case with modern footballers but Scholes can’t get his head around that change in mentality.

Writing in his column for The Independent giving insight into the mindset of Sir Alex, Scholes said: “I always thought as a player, if you needed motivating to play for Manchester United then you had a problem.

“I am sure the Ryder Cup lads feel the same way. But after they listened to Sir Alex they will have a few useful extra things in their head for this week.”

Last year, every player was guilty of having a lack of motivation under David Moyes and the football suffered because of it.

United’s performances were half-hearted and teamsĀ could comfortably come to Old Trafford and leave with three points, but that would never have happened under Scholes’ or Sir Alex’s watch. If United lost under Fergie, it would be after a fight.

This season, some of that passion has returned thanks to the vibrancy of Louis van Gaal. He leads and inspires by example which is something that is helping drive the players forward.

You can already see the difference it has made from the training sessions all the way up to how United apply themselves on the pitch.

What Scholes wants to see is for United’s players to sacrifice everything for the shirt just like he did for nearly two decades, and that’s what fans want to see too.

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