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Angel di Maria inspired by No.7 shirt at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Angel di Maria is using the history of the No.7 shirt as a source of motivation to help him keep improving at Manchester United.

The Argentinian was given the No.7 shirt before he had played a match for United, much like Cristiano Ronaldo was when he joined, and so far he has more than lived up to the expectations of the shirt.

Three goals and three assists in five games as well as fantastic overall performances have shown fans he’s worth every penny of the record fee United paid for him and Di Maria admits being given the shirt was a real confidence boost for him.

“It is a source of motivation,” he said.

“When you wear a shirt that’s been worn by the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s something you’re always going to be pleased about.

“The fact that the club have chosen to give me that shirt number also gives me a huge confidence boost, so that’s why I’m very happy to have this number.”

di maria

Unlike Valencia and Owen, Di Maria has taken to the No.7 shirt like a duck to water. The added pressure hasn’t made him sink, it has helped him to swim.

It’s quite staggering how well Di Maria has done already given that foreign players usually take time to acclimatise to the rigours of the Premier League but if the Argentinian is consistently this good over the course of a whole season, he’s going to be phenomenal.

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