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Heinze: Di Maria is one of the world's four best players

by Sam Peoples

Gabriel Heinze has become the latest star to praise Angel di Maria after his brilliant start to the season and went further in his compliments by insisting Di Maria is currently one of the top four players in the world.

The outspoken defender also criticised Real Madrid for their thought process behind letting Di Maria move to Manchester United and feels he is now one of the most influential players in the world.

At £59.7m Di Maria is one of the most expensive players in the world and certainly at United but he has lived up to his billing so far, and Argentinian compatriot Heinze thinks Madrid are mad for selling him in the first place.

“For me one of the very most influential players and one of the four best in the world,” Heinze said.

“Whoever let Di Maria go from Real Madrid, does not understand football.

“I do not get off-field issues, I refer only to the games on the pitch. It’s incomprehensible decision. A player like Di Maria you cannot sell like that. When I was told I could not believe it.”

Just like Mesut Ozil the previous year, Madrid needed to sell one of the big players in order to help fund new signings like Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez.

This time around, that happened to be Di Maria and United have reaped the rewards.

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