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Radamel Falcao’s great grandfather was from Yorkshire

by Sam Peoples

Radamel Falcao and his wife are loving life in Manchester. His big move to England has gone very well so far and he is really enjoying his new surroundings in the North of England.

The Colombian already looks like right at home and it’s more home than most United fans thought because the Daily Mail has revealed his great-grandfather came from Yorkshire.

Falcao’s father asked the British embassy if his son could be given a British passport but he was unsuccessful in his application. Imagine that, Falcao could have been playing for England and Yorkshire bred.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Radamel Senior said: “Falcao was probably about 13 so I went down to the embassy thinking that a British passport would help him with a move to Europe. But unfortunately it got rejected.”

“I’m proud of my English blood. My grandfather was English and also a sportsman.”

Who knows, if the British embassy had granted Falcao his passport, there’s every chance the striker could have been a United player a long, long time ago.

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