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Louis van Gaal: I won’t ever sacrifice attacking flair at Manchester United

by Elan Kane

Louis Van Gaal is insistent that he will not sacrifice attacking flair in Manchester United’s game plan in the upcoming matches against Chelsea and Manchester City, despite drawing criticism from West Brom coach Alan Irvine on United’s defensive vulnerabilities.

Irvine said following Monday’s match that the United defense was too spread out, leading to holes which helped West Brom score two goals. 

“When you play as openly and expansively as they do then clearly you are open when you lose possession and that is an opportunity for you to try to hurt them with a quick counter attack,” Irvine said.

Instead of agreeing Van Gaal insisted he was not worried with his defence, adding it would not be beneficial to compare Monday’s contest with the ones coming up.

“With great respect to West Bromwich Albion, it is a different situation,” Van Gaal said.

“Chelsea is another level, Manchester City also. You cannot compare. I don’t think to sacrifice flair is the solution. We made two errors, and also in past matches. We could have eight more points.”

Van Gaal reiterated that sacrificing attacking flair will never be an option he wants to take: “I think also football is made to be attractive for the fans and I think all of them enjoyed this as it was a great game,” he added.

“But it is two points lost. I think we were the better team and I am very disappointed by the result. We were two times behind but I don’t think West Bromwich Albion created too many chances. I have said to my players I cannot be happy. I am happy about our play style but not the result.”

Exciting, attacking football has always been the heartbeat of United’s tradition and by the sounds of it, Van Gaal has absolutely no intention of diverting away from tradition any time soon at Old Trafford.

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