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Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea: Van Persie’s dramatic equaliser earns point

by Sam Peoples

First half control. Manchester United were excellent in the first half. Many expected Chelsea to be in control of the football but it was the opposite as United had Chelsea on the back foot.

Typically, a Jose Mourinho side away from home is very tight and compact but United’s dynamic passing kept opening up spaces. Adnan Januzaj was fantastic on the left with Luke Shaw overlapping while Angel di Maria was always a threat every time he had the ball.

Arguably, that was United’s best first half performance of the season. There were no goals but in terms of being in measured control against quality opposition like Chelsea, it was impressive.

Robin van Persie‘s big moment. Important players score important goals and when United needed Van Persie, he stepped up to the plate and delivered with a last minute equaliser to earn United a point.

Over the course of the game, Van Persie had plenty of chances but failed to finish. However, when it mattered most he lashed home the equaliser.

Is that the moment which will spark Van Persie’s return?

Kudos to Marouane FellainiThe Belgian was United’s man of the match. Up against Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic he needed to put in a big performance and he did precisely that.

After his strong cameo against West Brom on Monday, he followed it up today and is having a mini renaissance.

Watershed moment for United. Louis van Gaal was talking about how he felt United just needed a spark that could change United’s season. A last minute equaliser against Chelsea can be precisely that.

Rafael marking Dider Drogba. The big worry before kick-off was how big Chelsea’s side were in comparison to United and there was always going to be a danger whenever Chelsea got a corner. So, it came as no surprise that they scored their opening goal from one.

That being said, on what planet should Rafael be marking Drogba on a corner when Robin van Persie is standing on the post? It’s a complete mismatch. Rafael never stood a chance of winning that battle.

Drogba’s header was very good but the situation was avoidable and that will frustrate Louis van Gaal.

United could have got three points. Chelsea were there for the taking today. After all the predictions that United would struggle against Chelsea, that’s not how the game panned out.

Van Gaal will be happy United dug in and got the last minute equaliser but he will no doubt be telling the players that the game was there for the taking.

Either way, that’s a good result from United in what was our toughest game this season.

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