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Angel di Maria is ready to make Manchester City suffer

by Sam Peoples

“Angel di Maria has started his United career like a house on fire and looks like he is going to create something every time he gets the ball, so you’d have to say him.” Jamie Carragher

You know a Manchester United player has been in impressive form when a scouser compliments them.

There are very few players in the world who carry an aura with them that they can get create an opportunity with every chance regardless of the situation – Di Maria is one of those players.

You can almost feel Old Trafford expand when fans simultaneously have a sharp intake of breath whenever Di Maria gets the ball because, more often than not, he doesn’t let himself or the fans down. His startling consistency helps him to become such a dangerous player.

Wicked crosses, pinpoint throughballs, fizzing shots, explosive runs and mazy dribbling. It’s adjective overload but befitting to how impressive Di Maria has been in his early United career.

For a player who became the most expensive in Premier League history, Di Maria hasn’t shown any visible signs of pressure negatively effecting him and going into Sunday, he’s precisely the sort of player who can damage Manchester City.

Up against countryman Pablo Zabaleta, Di Maria’s pace is going to be his greatest asset. Not forgetting Martin Demichelis who matches Per Mertesacker for being one of the slowest centre backs in the league. That must fill Di Maria with plenty of confidence because he can cause no end of problems for City’s defence with just his pace, let alone whatever else he has in his locker.

Back in 2012, United need a game changing moment from Robin van Persie at the Etihad to seal the game at the death after a 2-0 lead was thrown away beforehand. Bedlam followed.

On Sunday, Di Maria might be the one to provide that spark and based on his current form, despite a quieter game against Chelsea, the Argentinian is more than capable of making City suffer.

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