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Anderson struggling with fitness after Manchester United absence

by Sam Peoples

When reports emerged today that Manchester United would be willing to potentially pay £1.4m to buy out the remainder of Anderson’s contract so he could leave in January, it was met with a mixed reception from fans.

Some felt United were right to get Anderson out of the club as soon as possible while other felt waiting until the summer to see if a buyer came along would be the right move.

As it stands, Anderson’s exit from United is an inevitablity rather than a probability because, simply put, his attitude isn’t good enough.

One look at Anderson’s current condition suggests that nothing has changed in his absence from first team football as he has certainly added some extra weight from the pre-season:


Fitness was always Anderson’s problem at United. If it wasn’t a serious injury, it was the Brazilian midfielder not doing enough in training to make himself fitter.

It’s a sad state of affairs that a player with so much promise has ended up with a career at United which will be remembered for being nothing but unfulfilled.

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