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Leaked Manchester United 2014/15 Adidas away kit

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have signed back up with Adidas from next year onwards with a record breaking kit sponsorship deal.

Fans are excited to see what sort of kits Adidas have in mind with plenty hoping to see a retro inspired look kicking back to the United kits of the 1980s.

As is always the case, there are swathes of leaked photographs pertaining to be the official kit prior to launch and the first have started to emerge.

Take a look and see what you think:

The beauty of Adidas’ best United kits was their simplicity and something like this certainly taps into that but as is always the case with a kit, you can’t please everybody.

Either way, after years of kits from Nike it will be good to have something fresh and if Adidas can do it right, there could be some lovely United kits in the coming years.

Image: Twitter/soccerbible

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