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Radamel Falcao voices his anger towards lies created by ‘nefarious’ media

by Sam Peoples

That escalated quickly.

No sooner had The Guardian’s Jamie Jackson published a report suggesting Radamel Falcao was having ice packs on his knee after every training and match, the Colombian has responded angrily to the suggestion his knee injury is a major concern.

Labelling the speculation as lies, Falcao called the actions of the press ‘nefarious’ in what is a vocal and direct response to the growing rumours about the condition of his knee.

Writing on Twitter, Falcao said: “A fool speculates, a few more fools without objectivity replicate, so millions can believe in lies. Nefarious from those few.”

As we discussed when commenting on the reports from The Guardian, having an ice pack on his knee would more than likely be a preventative measure and Falcao’s angry response certainly indicates he does not feel his knee is an issue at the moment.

Fans have every right to be concerned about Falcao’s fitness given that he hasn’t yet reached anywhere near his peak but by the sounds of it, Falcao is happy with the condition of his knee so the problems lay elsewhere.

Image: Twitter/squawka

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