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De Gea and Di Maria all smiles on way to Arsenal game

by Sam Peoples

David de Gea and Angel di Maria were all smiles on their way to London yesterday for the Arsenal game.

Both players were injury concerns from the international break but were able to overcome their problems and take a place in Manchester United’s squad.


De Gea was the major concern after he dislocated his finger in training for Spain but having had enough time to recover, he’ll hold on to his No.1 spot and start at the Emirates.

In many respects, De Gea is the most important player in United’s starting XI right now because of how weak the defence is. So long as De Gea is in goal, United’s defence will be given a boost.

As for Di Maria, he’s as crucial to the attack as De Gea is to defence. His electric pace will cause all sorts of problems for Per Mertesacker and Arsenal’s pedestrian defence, so he will be the key player in unlocking the goals.

They should be in the starting XI tomorrow and if United are going to come away with three points, both will have a crucial part to play.

Image: Twitter/manutd

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