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Van Gaal: Selling Welbeck to Arsenal was the right decision

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is confident his decision to sell Danny Welbeck and replace him with Radamel Falcao will prove to be correct in the fullness of time.

Welbeck has gone on to score five goals so far while Falcao has spent more time sidelined with injury than playing, leading to some who have questioned whether Van Gaal was correct in selling Welbeck to Arsenal.

However, despite the shaky start for Falcao, Van Gaal remains adamant it was the right thing to do.

“Here, Danny Welbeck did not play every match. He was not a line-up player; he was more substitute than line-up,” Van Gaal said.

“With different coaches not a line-up player, then came Mr van Gaal and the world is changing? No, the world is not changing – the facts are not my facts, they’re the facts of Danny Welbeck.

“We have Van Persie and (James) Wilson, and when you keep Welbeck, you don’t give any chances to youngsters. That’s also our philosophy, to give opportunities to youngsters.

“And then also we could buy Falcao. So (if) that is not enough reason, then I don’t know – I’m not a very good manager.

“For him it was a very good decision because as a line-up player he develops himself much more. If it was right for Manchester United is dependable on how they play, how they score and in what position we shall finish in the league.”

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First and foremost, Welbeck wanted to leave United to further his own career. He didn’t want to settle for a place as a substitute any longer, so the decision was already half complete before Van Gaal even knew about it.

Of course, Van Gaal still had to sanction the move and felt it was right for the club and player to do so, instead choosing to give James Wilson the opportunity to come through in his place.

At this stage it is impossible to tell whether letting Welbeck leave without a whimper will come back to haunt United and a lot of it will depend on Falcao’s fitness over the course of the season, but Van Gaal is unfaltering in his determination that it was the right choice for United.

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