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Michael Carrick shows how important he still remains to Man Utd

by Sam Peoples

Michael Carrick‘s performance today against Hull City today showed precisely why the 33-year-old is still an important member of Manchester United’s squad.

With a passing accuracy of 92% over the full match, Carrick was nothing short of magnificent. Sure, it was against a Hull side which carried the attacking threat of a limp noodle but Carrick never let up because of it.

His passing range was magnificent. Short balls to team-mates in space were sandwiched in between beautiful long diagonal passes like his through-ball to Robin van Persie which almost led to a wonderful goal from the Dutch striker.

Earlier this season, Van Gaal bemoaned United’s inability to comfortably see the end of games out when in the lead but that wouldn’t have happened if Carrick was fit as his performance today showed.

Carrick is the player who brings a measuring calm into the side. He knows when to slow the game down and when to speed it up. For years, he has been the conductor of United’s orchestra and if today’s performance is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty more from Carrick to come.

Image: Twitter.com/VivaElzayto

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