Merson: Man Utd are lucky to have won 5 matches in a row

by Sam Peoples

Paul Merson has decided not to praise Manchester United for their great run of winning form and has instead labelled the five consecutive wins as nothing but ‘lucky’.

United have been far from their best, apart from against Hull City, yet have come away with a strong run of wins to make them the Premier League’s most in-form team. Since the transfer window closed, Chelsea have only gained one more point than United.

Yet, Merson doesn’t that sort of form deserves to be recognised. In his predictions for this weekend, Merson said: “I’m going with the lucky team here and picking Man Utd.

“They’ve won five on the trot; Southampton they shouldn’t have won, against Stoke last week De Gea made two wonder saves and then they cleared a shot off the line. Arsenal should have been out of sight in 30 minutes, they were hanging on against West Ham and then at home to Hull they played well and won 3-0. So it could have easily been one win out of five. United will have too much up front so they’ll win this game.”

You’re right Merson, it could have easily been one win out of five. What you fail to pick up on is that it wasn’t, it was five wins out of five.

You can bet your bottom dollar if Arsenal won five consecutive games on the trot by a freak own goal in the 90th minute every time, Merson would label it as ‘the hallmark of champions’.

In football, there’s no such thing as consistent week-in-week-out luck, it is a mentality. Winning when you’re playing badly is a great trait to have.

Fans of other teams despised Sir Alex’s side for their ability to score late goals so regularly but that had nothing to do with luck either, it was all to do with the attitude instilled by the manager. Slowly but surely, United are showing that same winning spirit again now under Louis van Gaal.

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