Van Gaal needs to sell Anderson as soon as possible

by Sam Peoples

Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira loosely translates to Waste of Space in English, there or thereabouts.

To say the very least, Anderson has been afforded more patience from Manchester United fans than your average player over the seven years he has been at the club. In reality, he has been given more opportunities for redemption than a repentant pilgrim, yet Anderson has perennially failed to live up to the Golden Boy promise which saw him lauded as the new Ronaldinho.

Now, Anderson is nothing more than a cheerleader. He has become the ghost of Carrington, occasionally popping in for a photograph during training before wistfully disappearing into the shadows once more.

Sure, he’s been injured for large parts of this season but Louis van Gaal made it clear he didn’t think he was fit enough, regardless of his injuries.

“He’s now coming back,” Van Gaal said. “He was injured but he’s training now with the team. I cannot say what had happened last year but in my four months here, he’s had a lot of injuries.

“So I cannot judge him but when he trains he trains at a good level. He’s not always fit and that is more his problem now.

“I can’t pick him now because you have to be fit. For the first three months the culture of a trainer is fitness. That is the smallest thing you can demand. Professional league fitness. Fitness is the most important thing. First you have to show your fitness. Not for just one day but for several weeks.”

It’s got to the point where seeing Anderson angers me and the sooner he is not a United player any more the better but the fact Fiorentina didn’t want to sign him on a permanent deal speaks volumes. No other club came forward either, nobody wanted him.

United need to politely tell Anderson where to go. Whether that entails a return to Brazil or a move to Timbuktu doesn’t bother me in the slightest. What bothers me is that United wash their hands of Anderson as soon as possible. Call this criticism harsh if you see fit but Van Gaal won’t be afraid to show freeloaders where the door is, so Anderson’s time at United is surely coming to an end soon.

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