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Why Ryan Giggs should stay at Man United

by Sid Choudhary

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs recently stated that, in order to pursue his coaching career, he might have to move away from Manchester United.

Currently working as Louis van Gaal’s assistant at the club, Giggs is learning the ins and outs of management from the Dutchman with a view of hopefully one day taking over the job full-time. His brief stint as caretaker manager was surely the highlight of the year for United fans, seeing the majority of their famed ‘Class of 92’ leading the team for four games.

It brought a sense of community to the club that not many other teams have. Seeing a man who grew up at United and worked his way up through the youth ranks now managing the team filled the fans with a sense of pride. A sense that one of their own was United manager. It was always obvious that it would be for a brief period as Giggs did not have the experience required for a United manager (some would argue David Moyes didn’t even have that proficiency). Nevertheless, seeing him on United’s coaching staff under Van Gaal has whet the appetite for United fans for the coming years.

Louis van Gaal was awarded a three year contract as manager of United. Given his history and the way he has started his tenure at the club, the supporters will surely be calling to get more out of the Dutchman. What should not be forgotten, however, is how crucial Ryan Giggs remains to this great football club.

In a year that the Reds have been accused of ‘selling their soul,’ Giggs personifies the spirit of United. A former youth player who went on to make more than 1,000 professional appearances for the club, not many people understand United quite like him. For a club with such a decorated history, it is vital there is someone there to ensure the legacy carries on. From the days of the Busby Babes to Fergie’s Fledglings, this is a club with an unparalleled history.

It is now in the hands of Giggs to carry on this heritage. If Louis van Gaal does in fact stay for longer than his currently allocated three years, Giggs may start to feel that his future lies elsewhere. But it is up to the club to ensure they do enough to keep him, and place enough trust in the Welshman to convince him to stay.

United supporters love their players, both past and present, and the chance to see arguably one of the clubs greatest ever players manage the team, could be an opportunity too good to pass up.

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