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Angel di Maria’s introduction changed Yeovil match for Man Utd

by Leo Nieboer

With Manchester United struggling against Yeovil, the introduction of Angel Di Maria brought a more free-flowing Manchester United performance.

The Argentine capped off a tough Third Round cup tie with a moment of sheer class thanks to his delicate chipped finish for United’s second goal which embodied what he brought to the game. From the moment he came on, Di Maria changed the game for United.

The psychological effect of Di Maria was evident even before he came on. Having fought tooth and nail for an hour, the last thing Yeovil Town players wanted to see was the Argentine charging at their defence.

It was by no means coincidental that United scored four minutes after Di Maria’s introduction because his constant movement caused a team that possessed a commendable amount of mental strength and discipline to withdraw into their shells. They couldn’t cope with Di Maria’s direct and penetrative style of play.

With the lactic acid burning in the home side’s legs, Di Maria tormented the right hand side of Yeovil’s defence with a few neat pieces of interplay with Ander Herrera and James Wilson, as well as a selection of fine darting runs and supreme first touches in a game where such a thing was seemingly very hard to come by.

For a player who has only just returned from injury, Di Maria looked very sharp. Sure, it was up against the tired legs of a League One side but nevertheless United fans can take plenty of heart after seeing just how much better United looked in attack when Di Maria came back into it.

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