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Pearson wants future place in Man United’s first-team

by Sam Peoples

Ben Pearson earned rave reviews for his professional debut with Barnsley at the weekend in which he was named Man of the Match.

The 20-year-old put in a superb performance in his first appearance on loan to the League One side and speaking to Simon Smedley from the Oldham Evening Chronicle, Pearson explained the reasoning behind his decision to move on loan and his future goals at United.

“I was hoping maybe I’d get a chance in the FA Cup against Yeovil, but the manager fielded a really strong team in that game in the end,” he said.

“There’s maybe three of four players ahead of me at the moment, and there aren’t that many United games left this season really.

“That’s why I felt it was a good time to get out on loan.

“You never know. If I do well here I might throw myself more into the United first-team picture, but I see coming to Barnsley as a great stepping stone in my career.

“It’s a chance to do well, prove myself, and next up might be some time with a Championship club and then move on to the United first-team.”

It’s no surprise to hear Pearson decided against staying at United because with so much competition for places in the first-team, combined with Van Gaal’s desire to win the FA Cup, he was always going to put out a strong starting XI in every round.

But a loan spell at Barnsley is a great place for Pearson to progress. It might only be a month spell but he has the opportunity to gain lots of first-team experience in the Football League and could well move up to a Championship club next.

Pearson’s long term ambition of breaking into Man United’s side is not out of his reach but all he can do for the moment is continue putting in Man of the Match performances and making the most of his loan spell.

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