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Di Maria scarred by burglary and could leave Man United – report

by Sam Peoples

Angel di Maria has been in the press recently after an attempted burglary on his house whilst he was at home with his wife left the Argentinian understandably shaken.

Louis van Gaal admitted he was worried about Di Maria’s state of mind after the incident and seeing as he has only lived in England for a few months with his wife and young child, having to deal with a burglary attempt is certain to have some sort of psychological effect.

Speaking with a Norwegian television channel, Guillem Balague has had his say on the situation and believes the negative impact of the incident could force Di Maria to leave England altogether.

What should we make of the incident and subsequent reports?

First of all,the press suggested the burglars ran away after setting off an alarm, which is far removed from Balague’s statement which suggests Di Maria physically fought them off.

Regardless of those specifics, you would be a fool to think Di Maria and his wife are not mentally scarred by what happened even if the burglars were scared off by an alarm. They were really enjoying life in Manchester up until that point and his wife would actively share pictures on Instagram, an account she has since deleted following the incident.

Have those positive vibes been replaced by paranoia over their safety? In the early stages following the incident, you’d expect that to be the case but whether it has a long term impact on their happiness in Manchester remains to be seen. However, it certainly doesn’t make it any easier for them to fully settle in a new country.

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