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Preston vs Manchester United: Potential 4-4-2 – Valdes starts

by Sam Peoples

So far, the closest Victor Valdes has got to making his full debut for Manchester United is sitting on the bench at Old Trafford.

David de Gea remains Man United’s completely undisputed no.1 goalkeeper and (touch wood) hopefully his form continues in this vein all year.

For all intents and purposes, the FA Cup is Valdes’ best chance at playing first-team football for Man United this season. He’s already made a couple of appearances for the U21s but it isn’t the competitive action the Spaniard will be looking for.

So, with that in mind, we’ve brought him in for Monday’s game away to Preston. It won’t be an easy game away from home but there won’t be many other opportunities to use Valdes, unless Louis van Gaal was to use him at some point in the Premier League.

If Valdes doesn’t start then it wouldn’t be a surprise to not see him play at all this season.

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