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Exclusive: Dwight Yorke interview discussing Manchester United’s strikers, Liverpool game and that goal with Andy Cole against Barcelona

by Sam Peoples

The Peoples Person visited Google HQ in London on Monday to take part in Chevrolet FC’s Google Hangout event with Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke.

Wayne Rooney, Ander Herrera and Michael Carrick all answered questions live from Old Trafford in an event designed to bring fans closer to the players and after the event was finished, we managed to have a chat with Yorke.

In an exclusive interview, our editor-in-chief Sam Peoples talked to Yorke about current issues such as Man United’s current lack of potency up front this season and a look ahead to Sunday’s crucial game against Liverpool.

SP: How are you doing Dwight? Did you enjoy the event?

DY: It was good, I thought it went very well. These social media things can go belly up but I think the link up between the guys and the fans over the world was good.

SP: Rooney tried his best to put you on the spot! [Rooney asked Yorke to spell Januzaj backwards during the live event].

DY: Yeah he did but that’s just typical of Wazza. Luckily enough it was to spell Januzaj, if it was van Nistelrooy it could have caught me out!

SP: What did you think of the Spurs game? It was probably the best performance we’ve seen at Old Trafford this season.

DY: We needed it after the Arsenal game at home which was a big blow for us because we were thinking of winning the FA Cup. It was such a huge result this weekend against Spurs because we needed a reaction from the players.

SP: We couldn’t really have asked for much more…

DY: The players reacted which is one thing I am sure the manager and fans will be pleased about. It will also give the players a lot of confidence going into this weekend’s game against Liverpool.


SP: What do you think about the game on Sunday?

DY: It’s the biggest game of the season for us.

SP: Was it always the biggest game for you?

DY: In my time, yes. I know City has come into the equation in the last five years and are a real threat to Man United but that rivalry is still developing. When you go back here in the history books with Liverpool and United, there is a long running history between the clubs.

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SP: In terms of United’s strikers this season, you scored 29 just by yourself in 1999. I’m not even sure Falcao, van Persie and Rooney have 29 between them so far…

DY: It’s been a real mixed bag for the strikers…

SP: Is there any advice you’d give to them?

DY: I think the strikers can get blamed as much as you like but at the end of the day the team need players to produce.

When you look at Falcao previously, you don’t score that number of goals if people don’t create for you and we’ve been lacking in that. We have to create enough if we want our strikers to score more goals.

You look at United over the years when we were scoring on a free basis, it’s always people creating by flying down the wings, putting balls in fast and we just haven’t been able to manufacture those chances.

SP: We were talking about your partnership with Andy Cole earlier. One of our favourite goals is yours with Cole against Barcelona in 1999. Is that something you practiced on the training ground or did it just come naturally?

DY: We never did. It just came over and because I know Coley, we were just on the same wavelength, that’s what it is.

We had a period of time where we had a run of games where he was scoring or I was and although we were under threat as we had Ole and Teddy breathing down our necks, because we were scoring so fluidly, the rest just happened.

SP: Was that your favourite goal with Cole?

DY: Yeah I think so just purely because of the team link after some one and two touch football to finish it off. It’s all well and good doing all the fancy play but if you’re doing all that tiki-taka and not scoring, then there is a problem.

We didn’t do any tiki-taka, we did the one-two combinations, whatever you want to call it, but at the end of the day we got the end result which is what football is all about.

SP: Do you prefer direct play?

DY: That wasn’t direct, that was pretty damn good play! We did it with the right pace and manner. It doesn’t how much people call it tiki-taka, if you’re playing that and scoring goals then I’ll play it.

We want to say a big thank you to Dwight for talking to us and to Chevrolet for hosting and inviting us to the inaugural Google Hangout with Manchester United’s players.

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