David de Gea’s girlfriend: I love Manchester

by Ben Topliss

Edurne Garcia, singer and girlfriend of David de Gea, has dismissed suggestions that she doesn’t like Manchester and insists her words were twisted by the media.

The 29-year-old gave an interview to Spanish TV earlier this month in which she appeared to compare Manchester to the ‘back of a fridge’.

The comments fuelled speculation over the future of Manchester United keeper De Gea, who is nearing the final year of his contract at the club and is yet to agree a new deal.

Garcia said the interview was misrepresented by the media and instead insisted that she loves her adopted city.

Speaking about her alleged comments, Garcia said: “It was an incredible revelation but I didn’t say that. They put words in my mouth, I haven’t said that.

“I don’t know if they want to be seeking out the news or they want to be controversial. But it surprises me when I saw everywhere this sentence that I have never said.

“I am delighted with Manchester, I love it, and the city has wonderful spots. There is a councillor who wants to show me the city, and I would be delighted to see more wonderful spots in Manchester.

“But I have never said that. The people could watch the video and see that they misrepresent the information.”

It was remarkable how relentlessly analysed Garcia’s comments were when they emerged a few weeks ago.

The episode goes to show just how concerned are over the future of De Gea, who has undoubtedly been the team’s best player this season. Real Madrid are said to be interested in the Spaniard and fans were worried Garcia might play a big part in De Gea’s decision to leave. Whatever the 24-year-old’s stance on United, his silence has been telling.

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